5 expert reasons for packaging that stands out


Our guest authors say first impressions are everything. This is why well-thought-out packaging is essential to market a brand.

They say never judge a book by its cover, but in the modern business world, first impressions are everything. This is where the importance of packaging design comes in, which is no less important than the product itself.

Steve Jobs once aptly said that “packaging can be theater, it can create a story” and we totally agree.. Competition is a common aspect of business, regardless of industry. However, lately the competition has become quite intense. Amidst the survival of the most suitable scenario, global brands have started to understand the importance of innovative marketing ideas, out-of-the-box promotional strategies and of course product packaging.

When you remember this, you can instantly think of a time when attractive product packaging not only caught your eye, but also influenced your buying decision. This is enough to prove the functionality and impact of head-turning product packaging.

How to start creating packaging that stands out?

A business owner or product packaging team needs to ask certain questions to decide on the right packaging.

  • Who is this product for?
  • What is this product used for?
  • How will this product improve the lives of its users?

The list of questions does not stop there. However, these are the basic questions to start with when deciding on product packaging. Asking a list of questions will help you decide on packaging material and packaging size in addition to gaining insight into the minds of ideal customers. Once you have an answer related to the different aspects of the product, it becomes easier for you to inform the designer of the desired aesthetic. This includes logo, font type, font color, design color, design image and beyond.

Once a design is ready, it’s time to evaluate the product packaging on a few criteria. You should ensure that the product packaging is easy to understand and realistic. Additionally, a branding agency should ensure that the executed product packaging is versatile enough by leaving room to accommodate additional products when time demands.

Why is product packaging important to business success?

A clear focus on retaining attractive packaging helps a brand differentiate itself from a similar product line. It may sound unbelievable but it is true that each color triggers a different emotion and almost 85% of consumers say that color is indeed the main reason influencing their purchase. This is where a product packaging design team needs to use color psychology. For example, green and blue colors represent nature and are therefore an ideal color option for eco-friendly and organic products. For luxury skincare products, purple proves to be an ideal color choice and so on.

Vintage style packaging, retro style packaging, minimalist style packaging and much more, whatever type of packaging you choose, it must align with your brand personality to win the trust of your consumers. The ideal packaging strikes the perfect balance between function and form. If you continue to neglect the importance of packaging, your existing customer base will soon shift to your competitors.

If you are a business owner, you must be wondering what kind of impression you are creating on your brand with your existing product packaging. If you feel your product packaging is missing something or it doesn’t stand out, it’s time to develop a strong product packaging.

Still not convinced of the impact of packaging on the success of your business?

Here are the top 5 reasons to pay attention to packaging:-

Create a strong first impression

Gone are the days when product packaging functions were limited to giving product protection and information about ingredients, method of use and related information. In the wake of ever-increasing competition, the role of packaging now also emphasizes capturing consumers’ attention with the help of a unique logo, attractive color combinations, designs complex and even of distinctive shapes. Simply put, first impressions count when it comes to making sure your product stands out in an oasis of similar products.

Create a unique brand identity

Every brand has a story and having packaging as a visible feature of the product can help you create a distinctive brand identity. From an attractive logo to striking fonts, colors that stand out to the brand, the right packaging goes the extra mile to help your consumers instantly recognize your products in the crowd of products.

Lucid communication

A thoughtful packaging design not only effectively catches the attention of potential customers, but also offers essential information that customers are looking for about the product. Good packaging therefore helps consumers to make informed decisions regarding the purchase of the product.

Influencing the buying decision

Do you know that people all over the world have started to prefer eco-friendly packaging? If you didn’t know, it’s time to revamp your packaging strategy by switching to eco-friendly packaging to better connect with your audience. Above all, if your target consumers are eco-friendly and health-conscious consumers, it makes perfect sense to trigger an emotional response by switching to eco-friendly packaging.

Boost your brand awareness

Branding, when focused on product packaging, helps you gain a competitive edge in the industry. According to one finding, attractive product packaging helps increase brand recognition by almost 80%. This clearly indicates that an ideal product packaging can help not only to acquire customers but also to retain them. And you should know that “loyalty is sometimes worth 10 times more than a first purchase”.

The final thought

Whether it’s arousing curiosity or developing interest, informing or evoking a powerful emotional response, a lot depends on product packaging when it comes to business success. So, we better remember that packaging is no longer a separate part of a marketing process. It should be an integral part of your overall marketing process.

Author Reema Dhawan is an experienced marketing professional specializing in brand marketing and digital strategies. She also co-founded Maxim Marcom Services, a full-service brand marketing agency based in Gurugram.


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