5 Ways Product Packaging Could Impact Sales


Most companies are already aware of the importance of product packaging. A good packaging design can promote the brand, present the product, differentiate it from the competition and appeal to potential buyers. However, arguably the most important benefit of product packaging is that it can influence consumers’ buying decisions. The right design can grab attention, leave a good impression, and subconsciously encourage consumers to choose you over your competition. This is critical to increasing revenue and supporting growth, so consider these important ways product packaging could also impact your sales:

Offer protection

Offer protection

One of the main reasons product packaging was introduced in the first place is for protection. While uniqueness, appeal and publicity are all important aspects of packaging that should be considered, protection should never be overlooked. Keeping your products safe and sound during transit with good packaging is absolutely vital.

This helps to ensure that the items will not be broken or otherwise damaged during deliveries, thus confirming that the products will arrive in good condition at their final destination. Surprisingly, it can also directly affect sales. Not only does stronger, heavier packaging help create a more luxurious feel that appeals to consumers, but proper protection also increases customer satisfaction and loyalty and aids in word-of-mouth marketing.

Reflecting the quality

As already mentioned, the packaging you select can also reflect the quality of the product, whether realistic or not. Most companies know that poor quality, unattractive packaging won’t help improve their sales, even if they have the best products in the world. In fact, it can only have the opposite effect and possibly negatively impact customer loyalty and trust.

For this reason, it is important to invest a little more in the design of the product packaging. If the packaging is simple and sophisticated but unique enough to leave a good impression, consumers may perceive the product to be of higher quality. A little extra weight, a larger size, and sleek materials can all help here.

Attracting attention

Attracting attention

In a highly saturated and overly competitive market, it’s all about increasing brand visibility, attracting consumers and beating the competition. All of this can be achieved with smart packaging design. A product that instantly catches the eye also seems more alluring and interesting to consumers, thereby attracting buyers and increasing sales.

Australian companies are well aware of this aspect, for example. That’s why they often hire packaging design experts from Brisbane to redesign their products. With extensive knowledge and experience in this field, design experts know exactly how to create innovative solutions, increase visual appeal and make products stand out on shelves. This, in turn, helps local businesses increase sales, and it can also help your products in the same way.

Price refund

In the United States, on the other hand, companies tend to focus more on price. Lower prices can increase competitiveness, but can end up having a negative impact on profits. However, with smarter and more intentional packaging design, local businesses might be able to justify the higher price tag.

Adequate protection, the perception of good quality, and a luxurious experience can all redeem the price of a product. But when the packaging is also unique, interesting and attractive to consumers, these aspects can only justify the price even more. After all, shoppers prefer value and are often looking for products that will last or provide an exceptional experience – do the same with packaging.

Highlight the brand

Branding is another important factor in packaging design. Your products are among the most critical elements of your business, which is why they should also strive to convey your brand image. Make sure product packaging is consistent with brand elements like fonts and color palettes, and consider including short notes or brand messages.

Also consider your target audience. You need to understand their needs, preferences, interests and general expectations regarding product packaging. All of this comes together to create more attractive and successful packaging that directly affects sales.

From protection and pricing to quality and branding, product packaging can impact your sales in a variety of ways. Be sure to work with the right design experts to improve your packaging and ensure its success.


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