Aldi announces product packaging ban for all UK stores


Aldi has announced a UK-wide ban on the current packaging of one of its most popular products. In a bid to be more environmentally friendly, the supermarket chain has removed the shrink wrap from its Corale baked bean multipacks.

The budget retailer hopes the move will further reduce plastic waste, saving 78 tonnes of single-use plastic from going to landfill each year. Customers will still be offered a multi-pack discount when buying four boxes, the Manchester Evening News reports.

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In a selection of stores over the summer, Aldi, which is the UK’s fifth-largest supermarket, will also test removing the outer plastic packaging from its sweetcorn mini packs. Richard Gorman, Director of Plastics and Packaging at Aldi, said: “Removing unnecessary plastic from our grain multipack is another step in our commitment to reducing plastic in our ranges.

“We know it’s becoming increasingly important to our customers that their everyday products are environmentally friendly, and we’re delighted that this decision is helping them shop more sustainably.”

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Aldi is a member of the UK Plastics Pact, with teams examining the store’s entire product range to find ways to halve the volume of plastic packaging it uses by 2025. This will see Aldi remove 74,000 tonnes of plastic from circulation.

The budget supermarket has also pledged to reduce all packaging by 50% by 2025 and to ensure that 100% of its own label packaging is reusable, recyclable and compostable by the end of this year.


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