Aldi research reveals Australian shoppers are fed up with supermarket product packaging


Research by one of the major supermarkets has revealed what Australian shoppers are most concerned about.

Australian shoppers are fed up with the amount of packaging on products and don’t know what to do with it, new consumer research from a major supermarket has revealed.

Research commissioned by Aldi found that 73% of Australians want supermarkets to work with suppliers to reduce product packaging and 62% want companies to have sustainable business practices without passing costs on to consumers.

As well as the survey – a national sample of 1,008 qualified Australian adults – which found Australians cared about reducing plastic, it also revealed that many were unsure how to do their own recycling at home.

More than two in five Australians (43%) don’t always recycle packaging at home and 42% said it was because they didn’t know what could be recycled.

Four in five shoppers (79%) also said they would dispose of their household waste properly if they had clearer instructions.

Aldi has pledged to place the Australasian Recycling Label (ARL) logo and recycling instructions on all of its Aldi-branded products by the end of the year. The information already covered 75% of the products at the end of last year.

Brooke Donnelly, chief executive of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organization, said the label has helped make recycling streams cleaner.

“It is commendable to see Aldi helping its customers play their part in the correct recycling and disposal of their packaging,” she said.

Aldi’s Corporate Responsibility Director, Daniel Baker, added: “The industry-approved ARL instructions show how to properly dispose of product packaging and will hopefully give our customers peace of mind. that they are doing the right thing by reducing waste to landfill and contributing to a more sustainable environment. coming.”

Coles has committed to having all of its branded packaging bear the ARL logo by 2025.

It is understood that Woolworths already has the ARL logo on all of its branded packaging, making it the first supermarket in Australia to do so.

Aldi aims to reduce plastic packaging on products by 25% by the end of 2025 and has so far achieved an 11% reduction since 2019.

The company said that was equivalent to more than 4,000 tonnes of plastic.

Aldi last year became the first supermarket in Australia to ditch plastic straws on cardboard juice poppers and pledged to roll out paper straws nationwide on all its cardboard drinks.

The company said the “simple swap” would save 18 tonnes of plastic waste each year.


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