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I’m ticked that my neighbor is still complaining about her college student loan debt. She is 40 years old and has just bought a Tesla car!

I could spend all day complaining about product packaging for various reasons. But there is one that is absolutely one of the worst. This is the large pack of HP printer cartridges. I ended up using a heavy duty utility knife which was used to install vinyl flooring over it. It was still difficult to cut the two layers of cardboard or plastic used by the manufacturer. By the way, the most expensive fluid on earth is printer ink, it is a very expensive item. I wonder if that explains this packaging.

I’m ticked that local government agencies cannot work together to time red lights for cities, counties and state highways. It’s beyond ridiculous that they can’t time just 100 feet apart. Also, it’s not rude to honk your horn at people reading their phones and blocking traffic at green lights. And stop fumbling in the left lane while texting or talking. Be respectful of others who have busy schedules and places to go. You are not the only driver on the road.

I’m ticked at high speed on Horatio Avenue in Maitland. The speed limit is 35 MPH. I drive 35-40. Every car passes me as if I were standing still! Maitland Police, I see an opportunity here for you to generate a lot of speeding ticket revenue!

I’m ticked that HUD increased the maximum allowable rents in the Central Florida region, our rent in our so-called affordable senior housing units increased by 10%. Our social security income is up 5.9%, we have inflation at 8.5%, so the only thing I can do is cut the cable and lower my food bill, I’m not eating out and I’m on a vegetarian diet, which now costs me 25% more since the start of the year when I can get food.

Thanks to guy who helped me change a flat tire just off busy State Road 436 the other night. Your kindness is appreciated.


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