G. Mondini tests TIPA compostable films for paper-based food packaging | Article


G. Mondini has tested TIPA’s compostable films as liners for its paper-based packaging solutions for wet, chilled, frozen and fresh food products.

According to the companies, the first-to-market partnership will see G. Mondini offer paper-based, fully compostable Paperseal packaging solutions optimized for food applications. The TIPA film will apparently act as a liner to create a barrier against oxygen, humidity and humidity.

The companies say the new TIPA film-lined packaging solution can be placed together in organic waste where that stream is available. For markets where compostable packaging is not accepted in organic waste streams, the companies add that TIPA film can be separated from cardboard and composted at home.

In addition, compostable films and paper solutions would transport food waste to compost in accordance with the Italian regulatory regime which allows the collection of compostable plastics with organic waste. The companies say the solution can help divert non-recyclable waste, such as food-contaminated plastic, from landfills.

Chen Katz, Chief Revenue Officer of TIPA, comments, “Our exclusive partnership with G.Mondini opens the doors to more opportunities for customers to see their food in compostable packaging.

“In our joint breakthrough innovation, we are creating packaging applications that can address some of the industry’s most pressing needs: to sustainably package wet, chilled and frozen foods.

“We will work closely with G. Mondini to achieve this unique design that drives the compostable movement forward.”

Paolo Mondini, Managing Director of G. Mondini SpA, adds: “Offering customers differentiated products through our cutting-edge innovations and sustainable packaging technologies, while achieving cost savings, is our priority.

“Our unwavering dedication to innovation is at the heart of everything we do at G. Mondini and our unique 360° customer approach makes the difference in our new solutions.

“EU Member States are leading the way with sustainable practices and together with TIPA, a leader in certified compostable films, we are developing innovations that will drive a future level of sustainable packaging products.”

Last year, TIPA unveiled T. LAM 608, a clear laminate that the company says can be disposed of in home compost bins with certification from TUV OK Home Compost.


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