Google Pixel Watch packaging box leaked, revealing Fitbit integration


Google is gearing up to launch the Pixel 7 series next week. Apart from smartphones, the tech giant is also bringing the first Pixel smartwatch, which we have known what it looks like completely through a promotional video. So far the packing box has been leak thus, revealing a different box design than what we’ve seen from the others.

It looks like Google opted for a square box rather than a long rectangular box like how Apple and Samsung pack their clothes. The model appears to be the ‘Silver’ with a ‘Charcoal’ watch band. According to the source, the box includes a charging cable with a magnetic connector, which you’ll use to connect the watch. Of course, you don’t get the charging adapter.

Google Pixel Watch box 1.jpg

Additionally, the box also features a “with Fitbit” logo on the bottom right. It’s worth mentioning that Google acquired the wearable company in 2021, so the Pixel Watch would have some Fitbit integration. For now, we only have one week left to find out all about it, and we can’t wait to see how the Pixel 7 series will shine in the competition as well.

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