Gu Dongjie designs delicious food packaging for cakes, mochi balls and crispbreads


Launched in time with the Year of the Tiger 2022, the company has launched a collection of tiger-themed products. Dongjie was asked to design the packaging for Run Tiger Run, a delicious treat that celebrates the new year. “Run Tiger Run has three flavors,” says Dongjie. “And for this, three colors have been selected to symbolize sunrise, noon and sunset respectively.”

To match the charming look of the products sold by Holiland, the design had to be whimsical and colorful. To achieve this, Dongjie has paired three colors perfectly suited to each of its three packaging designs: there is a packaging design for each flavor, each representing sunrise, noon and sunset. . This is achieved through deep orange, splashed yellow and dark beige; meanwhile, an illustrated tiger tail weaves its way through the layout. “The three colors go well with the three flavors,” says Dongjie. “I think it is a good thing to present the flavors of the product in this way, which will surely bring unexpectedness and surprise to customers.”

Dongjie also designed a handful of other pieces for Holiland, such as boxes for delicious stuffed mochi balls. For this project, the designer crafted a simplistic grid that sees bold, legible lettering running along the edge of the packet – it’s tidy and tidy, leaving the center free for the illustrated mochi balls to shine through. There’s also a dusty pink box that houses a pink green bean cake – with floral artwork included – as well as a color block design for a pink egg yolk crisp. Whatever the content, everything is always colorful and appetizing.

Overall, Dongjie’s philosophy as a designer is to “always find the interesting side of things from people’s perspective,” he says. True to this ethos, the work we see today exemplifies this: we can’t wait to see where he takes his designs next. “I think good design isn’t about reinventing things, it’s about finding things that people take for granted and tend to ignore,” he says. “It always gets more interesting once you have a new vision and try a different approach. Personally, I prefer open projects that leave room for new ideas and thoughts.


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