Introduction of reusable food packaging in Estonia


Estonian circular economy company Bringpack has started a pilot project in the Baltic resort market of Tallinn with the aim of testing a new reuse service – customers can buy food at selected restaurants in a container of reusable food and return it later to a new collection station. installed in the market building.

According to Bringpack, the idea behind the initiative is the desire to make sustainable and waste-free life easy and accessible. Initially, five guests from the Baltic Station Market will participate in the pilot project in April 2021: Baojaam, Biomarket, Tokumaru, Veg Machine and VLND Burger.

Reduce waste

When purchasing takeout from these diners, customers can choose between a disposable packaging container and Bringpack’s reusable food packaging box. The price of a Bringpack container is € 0.84 – of which € 0.24 covers the dishes and € 0.60 is a deposit that will be returned to the customer’s account by contactless payment when the box is returned. The food packaging container must be returned to the collection station, installed at the main entrance to the market.

Rasmus Rask, the founder of Bringpack, said in a statement that the reusable box is more environmentally friendly than a disposable food container which causes more waste. ” After a meal, [the box] is not a trash can but rather a container that can be returned to our collection station, ”he said. After the dishes, the packaging begins a new cycle and this process is repeated at least 50 times, eliminating the use of at least 50 disposable boxes.

Bringpack has launched a pilot project in the Baltic station market in Tallinn with the aim of testing a new recycling service. Photo by Bringpack.

During the pilot, Bringpack will test the usability of the innovative collection station, the suitability of the food packaging boxes and whether people are willing and ready to use and pay for the recycling service.

Collection stations

The collection stations were developed by another Estonian startup, Cuploop. “Cuploop stations are designed to help reduce the large number of disposable dishes that accompany the purchase of food or at large events. We believe that people have been ready for such a step for a long time and we are trying to contribute to the change with our technical solution, ”said Lauri Luik, Cuploop representative, in a statement.

The food packaging container must be returned to the collection station, installed at the main entrance to the market. Photo by Bringpack.

The founders of Bringpack are Rasmus Rask and Priit Mikelsaar. affordable hand items.

Cover: Bringpack launched a pilot project at the Baltic Station Market in Tallinn: Customers can buy food from selected restaurants in a reusable food container and later bring it back to a new collection station installed in the building of the Marlet. Photo by Bringpack.


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