Kanye West redesigns McDonald’s food packaging


Kanye West has left his mark on pop culture over the past two decades, and the donda the rapper is far from finished. His latest project: redesigning the packaging used by fast food giant McDonald’s for all its orders.

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Kanye West redesigns McDonald’s packaging

Ye first teased his collaboration with McDonald’s on his Instagram stories. He included a photo of a reimagined McDonald’s box with the exterior resembling a cheeseburger and the top containing the company’s iconic Golden Arches logo.

The post contained the caption “Next week it’s fries”, a reference to his 2005 hit “Gold Digger”: “He’s got that ambition, baby, look at his eyes / This week he’s cleaning the floors, the next week it’s fries / So stay by his side.

Returning from his social media hiatus, Ye then shared an Instagram post that clarified what he was up to. He partners with industrial designer Muji Naoto Fukasawa to redesign McDonald’s packaging.

“Ye teams up with legendary industrial designer Muji Naoto Fukasawa to reimagine McDonald’s packaging,” the caption read. TMZ reported that Yeezy was spotted with his girlfriend Chaney Jones in Japan, where he may have been working with Naoto Fukasawa to finalize their packaging ideas.

Ye’s first foray into the fast food world was in 2008. The Chicago rapper opened two Fatburger locations in his hometown.

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Kanye West’s history with McDonald’s

It’s no surprise to see Ye team up with McDonald’s for a collaboration. The two household names worked together in early 2022: The rapper starred in the fast-food giant’s Super Bowl LVI commercial, where he found himself in the all-too-familiar situation of being a drive-thru and not knowing what to order, asking “Let me have uhhhhh…”

Ye used to express his love for McDonald’s for years. In 2016 he wrote a poem titled The McDonald’s man about the iconic fast food restaurant. The tribute was published in Frank Ocean’s boys don’t cry magazine.

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You have other business ventures

In recent years, Ye has become known for his own business ventures under his own name, including his Stem Player audio device and his GOOD Music label. But he’s also collaborated with other big brands in the past and contributed more than just his name.

Over the years, Ye has signed collaboration agreements with brands like Nike and Adidas. In 2015, he premiered his clothing line with Adidas on the Yeezy Season 1 show. Since then, Yeezy has had several drops with clothing of all kinds, in addition to shoes.

In May 2021, Ye signed a 10-year contract with clothing retail giant GAP for a new Yeezy GAP clothing line. The first piece in the collection — a blue puffer jacket — was released in June 2021.

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