McDonald’s BTS Meal empty food wrap sells online for $ 15



Malaysian dealers are capitalizing on McDonald’s recent BTS Meal craze by selling empty food cans online for RM60 (around $ 15).

Malaysia star stated that a seller sold an empty purple colored paper bag, a nugget box and a paper cup with a BTS theme. Two sauces for the McNuggets are included in the packaging pieces. The trough will expire in August 2021, according to a notice posted in an article on the e-commerce site Shopee.

McDonald’s and BTS teamed up just days after K-pop sensations released their UK hit “Butter.” Statistical said the boy group’s song “Dynamite” was previously the most viewed video online in 24 hours.

According to United States today, the new K-themed meal is currently available in the American fast food chain in the United States, Canada, Bahamas and other countries around the world.

The BTS meal should include medium-sized fries, medium-sized cola, 10 pieces of Chicken McNuggets, and Sweet Chill and Cajun dips when purchased direct from McDonald’s. This is at least a first for the United States.

The limited edition dip is based on a South Korean sauce, which a vendor offered with an empty packaging.

Additionally, BTS fans in the United States have until June 20 to enjoy the Limited Edition Dinner. From May to June, a total of 50 countries will enjoy the K-themed Nugget Dinner.

Some ads, according to The Star Malaysia, are not as expensive as the ones listed above. The reseller’s justification for the skyrocketing price could have been sweet pepper and Cajun sauce.

Other sellers on Shopee, a famous ecommerce platform in the country, only offer the set without the dip. In Malaysia, it costs between $ 4 and $ 5 (RM15 and RM20). Some resellers have added free BTS material to fend off other competitors who might have posted a similar ad at that price.

However, the cheapest listing was located on Carousell, an online marketplace, where it sold for around $ 2. As the battle escalated, a dealer went so far as to remove the rags from the paper bag. Probably to persuade buyers to buy.

BTS McDonald’s meal costs at least $ 6.13 in the US. To be clear, it includes nuggets, cola, fries, and a special sauce.

McDonald’s burger and fries Photo from Flickr



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