NIT-AP team shows how nanoparticles can be used in food packaging materials | Visakhapatnam News


VISAKHAPATNAM: Researchers at the National Institute of Technology in Andhra Pradesh have developed food packaging materials fueled by nanoparticles. According to the researchers, these materials offer a greater advantage over conventional and non-biodegradable packaging materials. It would also improve the functional properties of foods such as bioavailability, taste and improved shelf life.
The interdisciplinary group of researchers, led by Dr T Jagan Mohan Rao, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, NIT Andhra Pradesh, published the research in the peer-reviewed Journal of European Food research and Technology.

The article was co-authored by Dr Punuri Jayasekhar Babu, Assistant Professor, Biomaterials and Bioengineering Research Lab, Department of Biotechnology, Pachhunga University College, Mizoram University and Akriti Tirkey, PhD student at Mizoram University .
Dr Rao said the research focused on the role of nanoparticles in ensuring the mechanical stability of the packaging material. “It also shows how nano-sensors can be developed to detect pathogens, contamination, pesticides and allergens. The nanoparticle material enhances the antimicrobial properties of the packaging material to prevent spoilage and contamination of food. The research has also addressed aspects of food safety related to nanomaterials and follows environmentally friendly practices, ”said Dr Rao.
The research also discussed the role of government agencies in addressing safety concerns, providing legislation and regulations on the use and application of nanomaterials. “It highlights how bio-based polymers can be blended with nanoparticles to make more efficient and effective packaging materials.
The researchers explained how trust can be built among consumers by maintaining transparency in assessing the effects of nanoparticles on humans and the environment. They also discussed how researchers and industries should develop products that can easily be accepted by the public.
If safety and security concerns are resolved, nanotechnology can revolutionize the food processing and packaging industry to a large extent and minimize food waste.


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