Optimize the packaging of your products using artificial intelligence


The involvement of AI in packaging enables your business to create unique, dynamic and memorable packaging designs that accurately reflect your brand’s ethics.

In addition, AI also improves the parcel inspection process.

Over the years, the way products are marketed to customers has assumed equal or, in many cases, greater importance than the products themselves. Most people identify and remember the catchy slogans and graphics on soft drink cans rather than the sugary syrup they contain. Along with keeping your products cocooned and protected from the elements, the right packaging process helps sell your product faster due to the general tendency of consumers to associate quality and reliability with aesthetics. . Already, companies are using AI for several areas of digital marketing, and therefore, using AI in packaging makes sense for your organization. Here are some of the ways AI optimizes product packaging:


1. Precise packaging design

Generative design tools empower the product and packaging design process. Such tools create multiple design iterations for the packaging of a product. They promise to minimize product development and design times in the future. A generative design tool works iteratively, which means that it first creates a design based on the constraints provided, before improving it by taking directions provided by a human designer. Designers finalize the design by selecting parts of the output, called the “feasible region,” to refine the initial design with each subsequent iteration. AI can be used in place of a human designer to achieve the desired result by going through a minimum number of iterations. The machine learning models used for this purpose can select the outputs to ensure that less time and money is spent on packaging design. The design of your packaging is part of your unique brand identity. Therefore, creating aesthetically pleasing packaging that aligns with your brand’s ethics is vital for cleaner marketing and better sales of your products. The use of AI in packaging as well as generative design tools helps companies to accurately create such designs at rapid speed.

2. Optimal selection of packaging materials

Large retail companies such as Amazon uses AI to select the most suitable material for packaging. This helps these companies to make product packaging more environmentally friendly. In addition, these materials are also used to strengthen the packaging and make it more resistant to damage to reduce the risk of damage to the product during deliveries. As you may know, it is difficult to make the right choice of materials in the packaging because there are an endless number of choices and combinations available. Machine learning models walk through all available materials. Factors such as porosity, stiffness and elasticity are closely analyzed by these tools before providing the best material recommendations for each type of product.

These apps are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to AI and product packaging. There are several other uses for AI in packaging. Machine learning and AI help your business reduce the time it takes to package while simultaneously improving package quality and design.


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