Pure Green Farms refreshes the packaging of its products


SOUTH CURVE, IN – Pure Green Farms is making some subtle changes to the packaging of its bright and colorful products to better capture consumers’ attention and stand out on the retail shelves. Throughout the fall, these changes were made to both the 4 oz. Of Pure Green Farm. and 9.5 ounces. packaging. The updated Pure Green Farm packaging will hit retail stores across the Midwest this winter.

“We’re excited to give our packaging a new look to reflect the same fresh product inside each package,” said Jim Marcum, vice president of sales for Pure Green Farms. “Our intention is to connect with our consumers on a more personal level through the composition and design of our new packaging. ”

Pure Green Farm’s newly adapted design is made from 35% less plastic and places the phrase “Locally produced in greenhouse” in large print at the top of each package to highlight local messages. Another important change was to rename “Baby Romaine” to “Croustillant Romaine” in order to better highlight the flavor quality of the variety. Finally, the product descriptors on the packaging of some varieties have also been changed to better speak to consumers’ sentiment of brand recognition.

“Our consumers and customers were the inspiration behind our new packaging,” said Joe McGuire, CEO of Pure Green Farms. “By using 35% less plastic in our packaging, people can connect with our brand and our efforts to be more sustainable. “

About Pure Green Farms

Launched in 2021, Pure Green Farms grows, packages and ships leafy greens hands-free throughout the Midwest. Their objective is to cultivate responsible fresh products through innovative agriculture. Located in South Bend, Indiana, the farm uses eco-friendly practices to grow its greens with its high-tech, temperature-controlled space and hydroponics system to produce leafy greens from the highest quality for their customers all year round. The vision of Pure Green Farms is to reinvent the way of farming with its innovative technology to provide fresh produce that consumers can trust. To learn more about Pure Green Farms, check out their website, http://www.enjoypuregreen.com/.


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