The internet reacts to Kanye West’s reinvented McDonald’s food packaging


In March 2022, the American rapper Kanye “Ye” West was suspended from Instagram for 24 hours after his attacks on pete davidson, Kim Kardashian and Trevor Noah were considered a violation of the platform policies on hate speech, bullying and harassment. Since then, Ye’s Instagram page has been cleared of all posts…until now.

Breaking his Instagram silence on May 23, 2022, the rapper returned to the platform to tease his new venture with McDonald’s. This time, however, he is not featured in another of those “Let me have uhhhhhhhhhThe Super Bowl commercials that went viral in February 2022. This collaboration also has nothing to do with Ye’s tribute to the golden arches with his The McDonald’s man poem, which landed inside Frank Ocean boys don’t cry magazine.

Although the artist has had a lot of contact with the fast food giant, this collaboration is a little different. This time he is preparing a new design for McDonald’s food packaging.

“Ye is teaming up with industrial designer Naoto Fukasawa to reinvent McDonald’s packaging,” reads the Instagram post uploaded to Ye’s account. The blurry image of the reimagined wrapper looks like a mini sandwich in itself, with clear wrapper showcasing the contents of the box with the famous golden arches on top.

It’s worth noting that Ye’s reimagined McDonald’s packaging fits right in with the rapper’s minimal, understated approach to food. Yeezy and its infamous interior design style. It’s also a far cry from the traditional McDonald’s design, which features brightly colored boxes with the iconic logo.

The Instagram post in question came just hours after Ye teased the collab on his story, referencing a line from his 2005 hit ‘Gold digger‘ where he raps: ‘He’s got that ambition, baby, look at his eyes. This week he’s mopping the floor, next week it’s fries.

“Next week is fries,” he continued, writing alongside the redesign photo.

Whereas TMZ pointed out that Ye was spotted with his girlfriend chaney-jones in Japan earlier this month, where he may have been working with Naoto Fukasawa about finalizing the packaging ideas – the ad rocked the internet as soon as it was uploaded to Instagram.

“Bro is doing side quests,” read a comment below the post, while another admitted they were “still waiting for that McDONDA meal.” While many praised the packaging for its futuristic vibes, others raved about Kanye’s return to Instagram. “Baby wake up you posted,” one user wrote.

Meanwhile, the news has sent Twitter into a whole different social media rut. And we’ve rounded up some of the best reactions to Kanye’s “McYeezy” on the platform:


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