The National Advertising Division finds the Glad Trash Bags product packaging not to be misleading; Recommends Glad discontinue or modify other advertising claims


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NEW YORK, January 19, 2022

NEW YORK, January 19, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The BBB’s National Programs National Advertising Division (NAD) has determined that product packaging for Glad Products Company’s ForceFlex Plus with Clorox Tall kitchen drawstring bags appropriately binds the Clorox brand. to its role in odor elimination, and that the product packaging for Glad’s Quick -Tie Tall Kitchen CloroxPro Trash Bags does not have the potential to confuse consumers.

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Reynolds Consumer Products LLC has disputed the express and implied claims on Glad product packaging, product web pages and advertisements associated with Clorox and Glad’s ForceFlex Plus co-branding and CloroxPro Quick-Tie Tall Kitchen Trash Bags. The question was whether these claims conveyed an unsubstantiated cleaning or disinfecting message.

NAD recommended to Glad:

  • Cease claims that Glad ForceFlex Plus with Clorox bags help consumers “maintain a clean and healthy home” and “keep your home clean and healthy” or modify its website and retail website advertising from third parties to avoid conveying the message that ForceFlex Plus with Clorox Trash Bags contain sanitizing attributes that contribute to a clean and healthy home.

  • Discontinue or change the depiction of “germ-fighting” style imagery and use of the term “with Clorox protection” in its Amazon video to clearly state that the benefit being promoted is an odor-eliminating benefit and not of disinfection.

  • Cease its “commercial cleaning”.

Product packaging

NAD reviewed Glad’s ForceFlex Plus with Clorox product packaging to determine if it clearly links the Clorox brand to its role in odor elimination. NAD found that the packaging, which features the Clorox logo near the claim “Eliminates food and bacterial odors” as well as “Lemon Fresh Bleach Scent”, did not require any modification. NAD noted that the Clorox logo is appropriately linked to the odor eliminating benefit it provides and that the reference to bleach clearly refers to bleach as part of the product odor.

Although a disputed digital image featured the Clorox logo and “Lemon Fresh Bleach Scent” label with no connection to odor removal, NAD has not reviewed the image on its merits due to assurances from the advertiser that the image was permanently deleted.

Additionally, NAD determined that the product packaging for Glad’s Quick-Tie bags with the CloroxPro logo did not convey a sanitizing message because the CloroxPro logo is a separate brand extension of Clorox’s traditional consumer product logo.

Website claims

With respect to claims that Glad ForceFlex Plus Trash Liners with Clorox help consumers “maintain a clean and healthy home” and “keep your home clean and healthy”, NAD found that by stating that the products contribute to a “healthy” home, consumers could interpret that the product brings a “health” benefit, that is to say that it has disinfectant properties. Additionally, the emphasis on “clean” in the context of the word “healthy” conveys the message that the Clorox in the product cleans, not simply that consumers use trash bags to clean.

Since such claims could reasonably convey the unsubstantiated message that Glad ForceFlex Plus Trash Bags with Clorox contain disinfectant properties, NAD recommended that they be discontinued or that Glad modify its website and website advertising. third-party retail outlets to avoid transmitting such a message. NAD noted, however, that nothing in its decision precludes the advertiser from describing the odor-eliminating benefits provided by its trash bags.

Amazon Video Advertising

NAD discovered that a 20-second video ad for ForceFlex Plus Trash Bags with Clorox that appears on Amazon’s product page conveys both an odor-eliminating message and an unsupported sanitizing message. Specifically, NAD determined that the combination of visuals of a typical germ-fighting scenario with the words “with Clorox protection” could reasonably be interpreted by a consumer to mean that there is an added benefit of cleaning or disinfection provided by garbage bags.

Therefore, NAD recommended that Glad discontinue or change the depiction of “germ-fighting” style imagery and use of the term “with Clorox protection” in its Amazon video to make it clear that the benefit being promoted is a odor elimination benefit and not a sanitizing one.

Commercial Cleaning

While the consumer perception study submitted by the challenger was not deemed reliable, NAD found that a reasonable consumer could remove an unsupported cleaning and disinfecting message from the “cleaning advertisement” of 30 seconds from Glad for its ForceFlex Plus bags with Clorox. Additionally, NAD has determined that the brief visual disclosure in fine print “this product is bleach-free” does not correct the message that Glad ForceFlex bags provide the cleaning and sanitizing benefits of Clorox. Therefore, NAD recommended that Glad discontinue its “Cleaning Commercial”.

However, NAD noted that nothing in its decision precludes Clorox from partnering with other brands to tout its innovative odor-eliminating technology, but that it should do so in a way that makes clear the benefits. provided by co-branding.

In his announcer statement, Glad said he “agrees to abide by NAD’s recommendations.” Additionally, the advertiser stated that while he “disagrees with NAD’s criticism of certain advertisements, as a strong supporter of self-regulation, he will consider NAD’s recommendations in advertising. future.”

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