Veritiv: Top 5 Failing Food Packaging


Top 5 failing food packaging

Veritiv Packaging | February 15, 2022

Whether it’s spoiled strawberries or broken bottles, packaging errors happen. Not only can they be an incredible source of frustration, but also lead to lost revenue. Let’s take a look at five commonalities food packaging fails and corrects for each.

Failure #1 – Product Deterioration
To fix: Veritiv Packaging Design and Engineering. From containing moisture to reducing spoilage, you need temperature-controlled, protective packaging designed to last longer on the shelf, reducing consumer waste and saving you money.

Failure #2 – Difficult unpacking
To fix: Veritiv packaging testing. Open, close, seal, close. The end use of the customer is always a priority. This is why prototyping and packaging testing is essential before deployment. Testing ensures that your packaging is frustration and damage free throughout its journey.

Failure #3 – Excessive waste of materials
To fix: Veritiv Sustainable Packaging. Sustainable packaging is more than just a recycled box. We offer a variety of sustainable materials and combine them with responsible packaging design to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Our Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) calculates the environmental impacts at each stage of your product’s journey.

Failure #4 – Breakage, damage and loss (BD&L)
To fix: Veritiv Equipment and Automation. When you integrate equipment into your packaging processes, there is much less room for error. Our automation solutions for secondary and tertiary packaging increase speed to market, efficiency and consistency. We also evaluate pallet layout, strapping and more to identify other ways to reduce damage and labor intensive requirements.

Failure #5 – Brand differentiation
Correction: Vine, Veritiv’s packaging and brand design company. Food competition is fierce. Vine, Veritiv’s in-house packaging design agency, creates effective design with engaging graphics and clear, concise messaging to get you noticed and ensure a positive end-user unboxing experience.

About Veritiv Food Packaging
End-to-end Veritiv packaging solution protect your products, brand and grow your business. Whether it’s one or three patches, we customize your food packaging to best suit your particular situation.


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