Wageningen University & Research extends its roadmap for more sustainable food packaging


Wageningen University & Research really helped three companies on their way to more sustainable food packaging. All three companies are winners of Unpack Your Challenge; they each received a scientifically backed roadmap with guidelines for a successful sustainable packaging strategy.

In November 2021, with Unpack your Challenge, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research called on European companies to share the challenges they face when making packaging more sustainable.

Three companies were selected from the many applications. Next, a team from Wageningen made up of materials experts, recycling experts and chain and logistics experts worked with the managers and packaging technologists of these companies to jointly define a roadmap. This roadmap will help these companies make the best choice for their packaging problem using scientific knowledge.

The three companies now have a roadmap that they can use to design, adapt and deploy their packaging strategy themselves. Each roadmap is accompanied by an in-depth analysis of the current situation, the company’s packaging goals and the prerequisites that more sustainable packaging must meet.

Source: wur.nl/en/news-wur


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